Thomas is a wonderful massage therapist. 

Thomas’ greatest strength is his ability to diagnose, and then follow through with the correct treatment.  His knowledge of the body is prodigious.  Often I ask what he is working on, and he is always able to name the muscle, its attachments, how it works and what other muscles it works with.  Thomas is compassionate and caring and is professional in his approach. I’d recommend Thomas to anyone and everyone.


Tom is very skilled in identifying the areas that need the most work and quickly determining the best approach to take in these areas.

I began seeing Tom on a regular basis to treat a knee injury which occurred after my first marathon.  Tom’s diagnosis and treatment seemed to come first and foremost from getting to know his patient, rather than focusing strictly on the symptoms. For me, I was already set on moving up to ultra-marathon distances, which was not possible at the time as I wasn’t able to run at all.  Tom helped me work through the soft tissue issues I was dealing with, while also teaching me the importance of continually improving on running/stability specific strength work. While treating my injury, he would explain everything he was doing in great detail and would give me an idea of areas I could improve as well as areas that I may run into problems in the future. These detailed explanations helped me understand what was going on, allowing me to apply this knowledge in the future.  Tom is very skilled in identifying the areas that need the most work and quickly determining the best approach to take in these areas.

In addition to the physical issues I was dealing with, he was also an invaluable resource for helping me through the mental struggles an athlete goes through while rehabilitating an injury. As an experienced athlete himself, Tom is able to relate to the challenges of rehabilitation and made it very easy to talk about my experiences.  Tom gave me the confidence and knowledge to pursue my goal of running the Canadian Death Race 125km ultra-marathon even though I was not able to run until five months prior to the race. He taught me how to improve other aspects of my training such as strength work, flexibility, and the importance of consistency, which I was able to occupy myself with until my knee was ready to run again.  Once I could run again, Tom helped me manage the required training with continual rehab to ensure I did not re-injure myself.

Because of Tom, I was able to not only make it to the start line of the Canadian Death Race, but also surpass any expectations I had by finishing top ten in my age group.  I have now opened up a large window of future successes due to the knowledge Tom has given me and the improved fitness he has helped me obtain.


My body’s aches are primarily gone and my weekly maintenance treatments keep my body pain free.

My hectic and stressful professional life left me with painful muscles in my shoulders, neck and upper body. My left arm was numb most of the time. A hot air balloon accident added additional pain to my knees and back. In short, I was a mess! A friend suggested therapeutic massage and ten years ago I started on a treatment program with Thomas Lane.


Thomas used deep tissue and active release techniques to help relieve me of a lot of daily pain.

When I first met Thomas back in 2011, it was not under the best of circumstances, but I consider myself very fortunate that I did after being referred by one of my coaches. This due to the fact that I’ve have been a competitive athlete for years. And like any serious athlete who strives for the best, the need to push my body to its peak condition was the central philosophy of my life. Yet with my accomplishments, there was an undesired physical toil for this success. Like major muscle imbalances, a torn rotator cuff, and even an L5 compression fracture, to name a few. And due to these sustained injuries, I was unable to continue competing. Yet thankfully, even just using his expertise on and off for the last year and a half, Thomas managed to use deep tissue, and active release techniques, that actively helped relieve me of a lot of daily pain. And just within this short period of time, I was actually able to perform sports again under his measured guidance. Therefore there is no true comparison of “spa” therapy and that which is given by a trained RMT such as Thomas, and others who are equally passionate and educated in their applied skills. Although within my mind, due to my own personal experiences, I’d have to suggest him to anyone who’s active in sports to maintain their peak conditions, or has any muscular issues overall that requires relief.